Seller's Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

"When it's time to sell or lease your commercial real estate, you will probably have a lot on your mind:  What is my property worth? Who is a likely Tenant or Purchaser? Where do I find a Tenant or Purchaser? How long will it take?

It takes experience to be able to answer those questions. You deserve to have an experienced partner through the process who sells and leases only commercial real estate. For 24 years I have represented Buyers and Sellers of commercial and investment real estate exclusively in Hall, Gwinnett, Jackson, and Forsyth counties. Don't go down the road alone. With 26 Atlanta and North Georgia offices, Prudential and I have the resources and the experience to help you.

"How do I know you are the agent who can sell or lease my property?"

Past performance DOES indicate future results. You can be assured of my abilities to sell or lease your commercial property because of the satisfied clients I have. You can read about their experiences with me by clicking "Testimonials" to the left of this paragraph or click on "Client Letters" at the bottom of this page. These are just a few letters of recommendation. Numerous other case-specific letters are available upon request.

"Why even use a commercial real estate agent?"

Selling and leasing commercial investment property is a time consuming and complicated process and requires special skills. Prudential spends millions upon millions of dollars advertising to the world so that Buyers of real estate feel comfortable picking up the phone and calling a Prudential office. A willing Buyer and willing Seller determine the price. I will help you reach more willing and pre-qualified Buyers.

Exposure to the market and local real estate knowledge. I will reach qualified buyers that someone putting up a sign and an ad in the paper will never reach.

Where I earn my pay is through contract preparations and contract negotiations. Thirteen years of experience have helped me learn how to protect my clients from unforeseen consequences. I have years of experience making commercial real estate transactions HAPPEN.

"What proven marketing techniques will you use to help sell/lease my property?"

These are some of the tools I use to market your property:

  • Licensed Real Estate Assistant
  • Custom Commercial Real Estate Signage
  • Aerial photography
  • Personalized Commercial Real Estate Flyers


  • GREATER HALL COUNTY COMMERCIAL DATABASE - This is a member-supported service of listings of commercial properties in the Hall County area.
  • ACCESS NORTH GEORGIA - An average of 29,232 people a day visit this site. Your property will be featured, complete with four-color pictures in the Real Estate Section.
  • - the Internet's largest commercial real estate listing service, sending information to more than 10,000 members. It has a base of 37,000 commercial real estate agents from more than 40 participating organizations. I am a premium member, which allows your property to be highlighted.
  • - one of the world's largest commercial listing services considered the "Atlanta Bible" of online commercial brokers. Since I am a premium member, your property is featured.
  • - the premier Georgia Multiple Listing Service with a base of 42,000 agents from 3,000 participating offices in the state. This site receives more than 20,000 daily hits from the public.
  • - official site of the National Association of Realtors®. is number one in page views and time spent searching. In the month of April 2011, the site had 495 million views, 59 million visits and users spent 216 million minutes viewing properties.
  • - YouTube exceeds TWO BILLION views a day, nearly double the prime-time audience of the three major U.S. broadcast networks combined! I have a YouTube channel specifically to upload videos of your property.
  • - Georgia Facts is a data base operated by the state of Georgia listing major industrial and retails properties. This site is viewed world-wide.

You and I will meet to discuss other marketing techniques that will benefit your property. With my experience and Prudential's resources we have a track record of providing qualified Purchasers and Tenants.

"What forms do you use and how are you paid?"

Generally I am compensated only when I am successful in selling or leasing your property. There are no out-of-pocket expenses to you. Below is a copy of the Standard Commercial Sales Listing Agreement and below that is our Standard Commercial Lease Agreement that I use to represent your interests. Please feel free to click on these .PDF files to review. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for my clients!

Click below to view the Standard Commercial Sales Listing
Agreement form in Adobe® .PDF format.
 Standard Commercial Sales Listing Agreement

Click below to view the Standard Commercial Lease
Agreement form in Adobe® .PDF format.
 Standard Commercial Lease Agreement

Call me today and let's get your property Sold or Leased.

Brent Hoffman: ". . . When You Want It Sold"

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